We bring the best of every fruit to each family’s table. We offer a wide variety of world-quality juices, nectars, and drinks for every moment of every day.

At Grupo Jumex we are passionate about quality and innovation.

We work every day to get the best of fruit and deliver to each family a wide variety of juices, nectars, and world-class beverages, for every moment of every day.

Our History

The fruit experts

We are inspired by the 7 different fruits that make up our portfolio to create the best experiences for our consumers.

Grupo Jumex’s portfolio variety allows us to be part of different moments of the day of our consumers.


Mexican apples have a wide variety of colors ranging from green, yellow to red, and different sizes depending on the variety. They are firm and juicy.

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Guavas are characterized by having yellow colors, with a strongly fruity aroma, a sweet pulp, creamy and smooth on the palate.

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It is characterized by its juiciness, pulp, sweetness, rich variety of aromas, intense color, and as a source of vitamin C.

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Mexican mangoes can be found in different shapes and sizes and different shades: yellow, pink, reddish, violet, and green. Its pulp is yellow with a sweet and juicy aroma.

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Mexican Products

Our deep relationship and commitment with Mexican producers have made it possible for Grupo Jumex to transform 350 thousand tons of fruit each year. With our quality products, we contribute to improving nutrition in Mexican households.

Our Commitment

Grupo Jumex's commitment is to offer a healthy experience for our consumers while adapting to different lifestyles.

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