At Grupo Jumex we are passionate about quality and innovation.

We work every day to obtain the best of fruit and bring to each family's home a wide variety of juices, nectars, and world-class beverages, for every moment of the day.


Our mission is to provide our consumers with world-class food and beverages, made mainly with fruit. Innovating with cutting-edge technologies in our processes, product, and packaging, generating value for shareholders.


Our vision is to position our brand as a global competitor in the world-class food and beverage industry, in different market segments. Staying at the forefront of the process, product, and packaging technology.


Our culture and values guide everyone involved Grupo Jumex. Respect, honesty, and commitment are the guiding principles of Grupo Jumex. These values have allowed us to grow and earn families' trust.

  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Challenge
  • Respect
  • Creativity
  • Agility


The packed peach process started in a 150ml tin, which did not have lithography, it only had a Frugo brand label.


The process began with the "JUMEX" trademark registration and the slogan of "the one with the blue tin."


The brand's image changes by adding the slogan: "Jumex: The Drink of the Future", and represented by a doll sitting on a juice can rocketed into space, referring to the moon landing.


A new slogan is created: "Jumex: Nothing but fresh fruit". The JUMEX Tree has been with us ever since.


A new product is launched in a glass container, a 1-liter presentation with apple, grape, orange, and grapefruit, in addition to tomato. In 1989 the 250ml bottle was launched.


We began selling the one-liter fruit nectar juices in Tetra Brik.


One of the greatest project achievements for the Jumex brand has been changing the can’s shape when the new 335ml can was launched. Replacing the traditional 350ml can, the main feature of this new design is the skinning of the can’s body.


Jumex's futuristic vision of giving our consumers the best packaging continued with the launch of the “Bottle Can”, an improved version that offers two packages in one: the bottle and the expanded can. This development is the result of Jumex’s vision.


Our goal has always been focused on innovating the production processes and the finished product. An example is the creation of modern, practical, and unique packaging, ranging from the "Bottle Can" to our new tetra prism.


The iconic JUMEX brand image is renewed, presenting a logo with more modern and clean lines while continuing with the tradition and colors of the original identity.


Grupo Jumex's image was renewed during 2020 as a result of the process of continually growing together. This transformation reaffirms our commitment to keeping innovating and offering the best products in all the different brands that make up its recognized world-class portfolio, in addition to its commitment to Mexican producers and the communities linked to us.

Our commitment to Mexico and its communities has been part of our business model since our beginnings.

Our business model is based on innovation and product development which arises from in-depth knowledge of our consumer and customer's needs, as well as trust and long-term relationships with our entire value chain: from our producers in the field to each Mexican families' table.

Our commitment is to use the entire fruit

At the Chihuahua complex, we use the apples' residue after the juice is extracted to generate food for the region's livestock.

We work hand in hand with producers

A lot of work has been done to install biofactories to produce organic agricultural inputs in Veracruz, Chihuahua, and Aguascalientes.

Our products reach over 40 countries

Grupo Jumex products are sold around the world in different presentations such as juice, concentrates, and oils.

Support for local production

Support for new orchards - 3,800 apple trees are donated in Chihuahua and 1,000 gold mango trees in Oaxaca to establish new orchards.

Somos una empresa orgullosamente mexicana dedicada a ofrecer productos de la más alta calidad. Nuestra amplia y sólida trayectoria en el país nos ha permitido posicionar nuestros productos en mercados internacionales. Para Jumex, el desarrollo profesional y bienestar de sus colaboradores es una prioridad.

Decision Makers

  • Board of Directors

  • General Management

Management Team

  • General Management of Operations

  • Audit Management

  • Human Capital Management

  • International Commercial and Strategic Alliances Management

  • National Commercial Directorate

  • Marketing Directorate

  • Purchasing Management

  • Finance and Administration Management

  • Engineering and Projects Management

  • Legal and Compliance Management

  • Logistics Management

  • Beverage Manufacturing Management

  • Planning Directorate

  • Patrimonial Services Management

  • Systems Management (IT)

  • Technical Management

  • Dirección de Estrategia y Transformación

  • Dirección de Planeación Financiera y Rentabilidad


Grupo Jumex has formed a true family of collaborators who share a passion for working with honesty and respect to maintain and expand the offer of food and beverages that is among the most recognized by consumers in our country.

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Código de Conducta y Política de Integridad

Grupo Jumex promueve una cultura de legalidad que se integra por distintos lineamientos, incluyendo nuestro Código de Conducta y Política de Integridad, que orientan el comportamiento de nuestros colaboradores, proveedores, socios comerciales y aliados estratégicos para asegurar el cumplimiento de las leyes y normas vigentes, actuar con transparencia y rendición de cuentas.

Entre estos lineamientos también se incluyen medidas para prevenir el lavado de dinero, soborno y otras acciones anticorrupción, garantizar la protección de datos personales y competencia económica.

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